Agent Program Pricing

Agent Program Pricing

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Agent Program Pricing

Agent Program Pricing

Our pricing is simple and is based on the number of vehicles included in the lead. You may optionally take only leads that include a certain range of vehicles per lead.

We offer the among the lowest lead rates in the insurance industry. Compare our average lead rate (0.5% per $100 of premium) to auto leads and others (1.0% or more per $100 of premium). Plus the renewals are significantly stronger.

Type of Vehicle Insured Lead Fee Per Vehicle
Big Trucks and similar vehicles $59 *

If you accept all leads for a given state, your price is only the low base price.

Program Signup Fee One Time Fee
Fee for maximum 15 vehicle fleet size per Lead $299 *
Fee for maximum 50 vehicle fleet size per Lead $299 * + $200 deposit
Fee for maximum 250 vehicle fleet size per Lead $299 * + $500 deposit
Fee for unlimited vehicle fleet size per Lead $299 * + $750 deposit

The deposit allows us to invoice Partners monthly. No need for you to pay for leads in advance like some other lead programs.

Deposit will be refunded 100% upon termination if 90 days notice provided.

We are offering an introductory discount to Charter members in each state of $200 off the Signup Fee and $20 off per vehicle on the Lead Fee . If you are the first to sign up for your state, you get the discount. Discount applies for leads you receive for the first full YEAR!

Start making significant commissions by receiving the best big truck insurance leads in the business and joining our Partner Program today. APPLY NOW.

Remember, we only offer exclusive leads at this time, so hurry before someone else beats you to your state.

Prices subject to change. If you have any questions or concerns, please see our FAQ page

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